“Managing timelines and numerous change requests as the project evolved, David handled them all with a calm approach and a diligent process, from evaluation to installation.

David had a keen eye for the job being performed and executed correctly and finished to the highest standard. The management of the trades and the response of positive dialogues could be seen and aided a successful timeline for us.

I certainly can recommend you discuss your renovation project with David.”

— Richard R.


“David was very attentive to resolving details with us and the contractor.”

Deo P.


“David demonstrated exemplary skills on this project and has contributed an asset value that has benefited all parties.

David has shown a high level of sensitivity to the owner’s requirements, the user group stakeholders, the sub-trades and the consultants and brings all this together in an agreeable and positive manner.”

— Paul Q.

“David is a construction professional with a good knowledge of the industry and all aspects of construction. David has been in the construction industry for many years and as such he is familiar with implementing a wide range of projects.

David is very personable and gets along very well with all project participants.”

- Chris D.


“We were secure in the knowledge that David, as an individual with a great deal of integrity, always represented our best interests by providing his personal attention to detail on our project.”

Ben E.